Jennifer Lawrence Is Back, and Singing 'Believe' By Cher


A rabbit jerks his head up, half-eaten carrot instantly forgotten. A squalling toddler quiets mid-scream, his gaze locked on the clear blue sky. A queen bee abandons her hive, feeling the pull of something stronger. “J. Law is back!” the breeze whispers. “J. Law is back!” the cockroaches sing. And the world comes alive once more.

Best Friend Trio Jennifer Lawrence, Liam Hemsworth and Josh Hutcherson are back on the circuit promoting the final installment of The Hunger Games, and by the sounds of this crowd, at least three audience members pooped their pants.

When Conan tries to congratulate Jennifer on the success of “The Hanging Tree,” which she recorded for the last Mockingjay—Part 1, she brushes him off. “If I had gone [fart noise] ‘Hunger Games!’ it would have reached #1.” Probably, yes!

Before you cry “Hypocrite! You love J.Law, too!”, I’ll have you know that yes, you are right. But my favorite thing about Jennifer Lawrence is not her bad impression of Cher, or her inability to come up with good curse words, or her incredible charisma, down-2-earth vibe, amazing skin and perfect life. It’s that we both coerce everyone we know into watching Vanderpump Rules.

In an interview with People, Lawrence forced co-star Liam Hemsworth to admit that she got him addicted to the Bravo show (it’s the best show on television, Jen, so, not that hard, but whatever), saying, “You texted me weeks later like, ‘Kristen [Doute] and what’s-his-name used to date?!” Later, describing her friendship with her co-stars: “We just kind of are always at Liam’s house in Malibu drinking wine.”

Nothing to see here, folks! Just three beautiful friends in a beautiful house watching Kristen cry, sounds boring and not wonderful at all.

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