Jennifer Lawrence, Overachiever, Is Most Successful Action Heroine Ever

It’s only been a few short years since J-Law entered the hearts and minds of the movie-going public. She was excellent in Winter’s Bone, delightful in Silver Linings Playbook and every young girl’s personal hero when she played “The Girl on Fire.” Now, she’s in the Guinness Book of World Records. You, me and everyone we know are not.

Despite some criticisms of her role in The Hunger Games movies (mainly coming from me, because I thought she kind of phoned it in in Catching Fire) and a whole lot of backlash that came from the fall truthers (I believe the second, not the first), Lawrence has stood tall and her perseverance, movie choices and personality have paid off. In the 2015 Book of World Records she will be cited as “the highest-grossing action heroine the world has ever known” for her portrayal of Katniss Everdeen. That’s a pretty big title, but you know that Lawrence will handle it. I bet she is just going to buy a copy and read through it and then come to interviews and spout important other facts from the book, like that Julia Gunthel (“but the other people in the book just know her as Zlata, you know?”) can break three balloons with her back in 12 seconds, or that Ilker Yilmaz of Turkey can squirt milk from his eye to a distance of 9.2 feet (“I just had him over for a party and he was an absolute scream.”).

The Hunger Games films have already grossed over $1.51 billion worldwide, and with two more films left in the series, it looks like Lawrence will be keeping her title for a while. (Although, there is a “set a record” button on the World Records website. Maybe one of us can topple her!) (Never mind; Congrats, J-Law.)

Image via Lionsgate

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