Jenny Slate and Sara Schaefer On How the Matriarchy Ruined Comedy

Comedian/actress/writer Jenny Slate was on Sara Schaefer’s podcast Lies to promote her new book and the two women really dug into some gritty and important issues — you know, pressing topics like how Slate likes that young dong and what an aspiring male comic can do to get ahead in this girl’s club that we call comedy.

“I know this is a cliche question. You know, this is a topic that’s been coming up lately with movies like Bridesmaids…Most female comedians, when they do any kind of interview, they get asked this question, and frankly it’s an old question, but I want us to be a part of the dialogue, as well,” Schaefer said, playing off of that boring What do you say to people who think that women aren’t funny? question that every female comic has already answered about a dozens of times.

Schaefer, being a funny lady herself, turned the question on its head, instead asking, “Are men funny?”

“No, they’re not,” Slate replied assuredly. “I don’t think men have time to be funny because they have to make all of our rules about what we can do with our vaginas.”

The pair went on to discuss the matriarchy, giving men a chance to FINALLY shine in the entertainment world and the vast array of body image issues faced by actors in Hollywood who are over the age of 38.

You can listen to the entire delightful (and relatively short) interview here.

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