Jerk Mails Fifteen Baby Chicks to Ex, Ex Tries to Dump Them in Trash


A mail carrier helped save the lives of fifteen baby chicks after they were shipped by a man to his ex-girlfriend.

The Huffington Post has the sad, weird story of an ill-fated romance that spilled out into tormenting animals. A mail carrier in the Washington, D.C. area discovered fifteen fluffy adorable baby chicks had been sent by a total asshole to a woman on his route. The package with the chicks also included a rather dumb message befitting the kind of jerkwad who mails live animals to an ex: “There are lots of other chicks out there,” it read. Oh hahahaha, said no one.

Accompanying the tiny birds was a note, from the recipient’s ex, making a crude comparison between the animals and the woman. Insulted, and perhaps feeling heartlessly flummoxed upon receiving 15 unexpected baby chickens in the mail, the woman said she was going to throw the animals in the garbage.

What? Lady, NO. I’m sure you were outraged and disgusted, but why take it on some poor innocent animals? It’s especially dumb too, because according to a Washington Humane Society spokesperson, the sender would probably be in the clear for mailing the baby chickens (which is actually a thing people can do) but dumping them in the trash would have been gotten her charged with animal cruelty.

Thankfully, the world is still filled with a lot of people who aren’t total jackasses. The mail carrier took them to the Washington Humane Society and from there they went to the Poplar Springs Animal Sanctuary. According to their Facebook page, the chicks are all doing well now:

One of the chicks has an injured leg, but is recovering. The rest are very active and healthy. Thanks to Peaceful Fields Sanctuary, who will be taking six of the chicks. The remainder will live here at Poplar Spring. They are currently being housed in a playpen with a heat lamp in our infirmary until their feathers grow in.

As the Huffington Post points out, there is a petition to stop allowing chicks to be sent via mail, which currently has almost 75,000 signatures. Tragically there is no petition (yet) to stop spiteful idiots from dating each other and then lashing out in ridiculous ways when things don’t go how they wanted.

Image via Poplar Springs Animal Shelter.

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