Jessica Simpson Thinks God Is 'Stronger' Than Animal Rights Activists Protesting Her Book Tour

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Jessica Simpson Thinks God Is 'Stronger' Than Animal Rights Activists Protesting Her Book Tour

Jessica Simpson has worn a lot of fucking fur and leather on her book tour. Most notably: Calfskin purses, a fox fur stole, multiple patent leather trench coats, and what appeared to be head to toe snakeskin. So, while I should admit that some of these looks entranced me by how downright ridiculous there were, I’d also venture to guess that quite a few animals were killed to make them happen for Simpson. And that clearly doesn’t sit right with animal right’s protestors! No matter, though, because as Simpson claimed at an event last night, “God” is stronger than any of us. Okay!

During a speaking engagement in Los Angeles, multiple activists stood up and nicely asked Jessica Simpson to “please stop wearing animals” and “please stop wearing fur!” As they saw it, “There are so many other choices!” (And scrolling through Net-A-Porter, where she probably bought most of it, there really is!) Of course, Simpson could have kindly engaged with the protestors and sent them on their way, but this is a celebrity book tour! Don’t you know how important those things are?

Instead, the shoe mogul responded: “God bless you guys! It’s beautiful that you stand up for what you believe, but not through hatred.” Which, as kindly as I can put it, is the most passive aggressive evangelical response I’ve ever heard. And I grew up evangelical! She could have opted for the classic, “Jesus preaches love, and I’m here with you in love.” It’s non-confrontational, and just confusing enough to get them thinking. But no, she went passive aggressive and shady, like a good Christian woman!

After they hounded her some more, she spoke up again:

“Well, these are the types of moments where you know, when you’re trying to speak about helping other people get through their own problems and their life, and when you talk about god, that is when darkness tries to seep in. And I know that god is stronger than that and nothing will hold me back from my calling.”

So, a question: Is Jessica Simpson equating animal right’s protestors at her book event to the metaphysical evil that God and the forces of heaven have been battling for countless millennia since he first threw Lucifer down from the pearly gates? Will those same animal rights protestors be joining the forces of hell when the seventh seal is broken and the four horsemen spread chaos across the face of the earth? I’d say it’s unlikely! (Don’t tell Jessica Simpson that, though.) [Just Jared]

Please stop talking about Presley Gerber’s new face tattoo. Why? Well, he is incredibly rich, and therefore, he is also incredibly misunderstood, hence his sudden pivot to being someone with a face tattoo who tries to fight strangers on Instagram Live.

In the above clip, helpfully captured by enterprising voyeurs, Gerber announces that “nobody knows how he feels” because “you’re not in my head.” Which is technically true! When asked the meaning behind “misunderstood” being permanently plastered across his cheek, he explains: “Well, I don’t feel very understood I guess.” Which, coincidentally, is the exact definition of misunderstood. Good for him!

Things take a turn, though, when he sits back, bites his lip, and offers up his address to anyone “with something to say.” Personally, I have no wish to fight this dude. (Although, I would probably win. No bragging, though!) But if he wants to give me his address, maybe let me see the inside of the Gerber compound, maybe sit down for a lengthy interview—that can be arranged. Call me! [People]

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