Jesus Would Want His Flock to Stay Home

Jesus Would Want His Flock to Stay Home

Worshippers in Louisiana’s Life Tabernacle Church gathered for service last Sunday despite ordinances banning large gatherings and after their leader, Tony Spell was charged with a misdemeanor for continuing to host meetings in the middle of a pandemic, including one with 1,265 attendees, according to the Hill. Spell is part of a group of the faithful who are grappling with how to continue their preferred method of worship during a time of social distancing.

To which there is an easy answer: Stay the fuck home.

Granted, I’m no cleric nor am I a Christian but I’ve read a little thing called the Bible and can confirm with a hundred percent certainty that Jesus would have wanted Christians to stay home. If you’d all turn your Bibles to Romans 13:2, “Consequently, whoever rebels against the authority is rebelling against what God has instituted, and those who do so will bring judgment on themselves.” Mayors, governors, and the CDC are the authority, they’re not everyone’s favorite authority but it’s what we’ve got.

If all of the authorities are saying to stay home and maintain a safe distance of six feet then you’ve got to look to your WWJD bracelet and remind yourself that J would stay home. Thousands of early European protestants didn’t die for the right of everyone to have their own personal relationship with the Lord for people to think the church is the only place to be right now. Consider it isolating from sin, just for the literal love of Christ stop congregating.

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