Jez Recs: The Books, Shows, and Chaotic Doll TikToks That Got Us Through This Week

Including a 1962 novel about a lesbian grad student out to ruin her sister's wedding and a perfect piece of Clarence Thomas (boo!) satire.

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Photo: TikTok/FXX/HarperCollins

Happy Friday—we’re thrilled to see you here. After you’ve caught up on, processed, digested, and inevitably dissociated from the batshit events of this week, you may find yourself in need of something a little more pleasant to dissociate to.

Which is why we’ve rounded up a delicious and colorful Easter basket (God Bless to all who celebrate, He Is Risen, etc.) of treats for your eyes, ears, and hearts. Our Jez Recs this week span a wide range of culture—from a devastating personal memoir to a five-star album by one of humankind’s best-ever musical groups (yes, this is a fact) to the unhinged TikTok account of a mangled, feral doll that might have you screaming, “IF YOU KNOW, YOU KNOW!,” from the rooftops. Enjoy, and may you also find yourself rising from the dead on Sunday.

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