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Including a 1962 novel about a lesbian grad student out to ruin her sister's wedding and a perfect piece of Clarence Thomas (boo!) satire.

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A Living Remedy by Nicole Chung

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A Living Remedy by Nicole Chung
Photo: HarperCollins

Bestselling author Nicole Chung’s new memoir, A Living Remedy, was published on Tuesday, and it is devastating. Chung writes about losing her parents as well as coming to grips with the limits of reaching the middle class. It’s also the first thing I’ve read about living through the covid pandemic (during which her mother ultimately dies from cancer during its height) that didn’t make my skin crawl. We all lived through—maybe are still living through—traumatic years, but each experience is so different. I know memoirs can be a hard sell (and it sounds sad!), so here are two excerpts that I think may draw you in. —Caitlin Cruz

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