Jill Abramson Is Unapologetic About Helping Younger Women


Jill Abramson, the first female executive editor of the New York Times, told Alec Baldwin’s WNYC podcast “Here’s the Thing” that she expects herself to help women succeed.

“I don’t expect that I can ever raise all female boats, but I try to go out of my way, not to the exclusion of men, but I do take a particular interest in careers and work of many of the younger women at the Times and … and I’m like open about it,” Abramson said. “If anyone has a problem with that, too bad.”

She also told her own ladies-helping-ladies anecdote:

“[Maureen Dowd] came up to me at the book party and she said, ‘Do you know of any good women we can hire?'” Abramson remembered. “And so I looked at her with, it was kind of, ‘What am I, chopped liver?’ look. And she said, ‘You would never leave The Journal’ and I said, ‘Oh, wouldn’t I?’ … And she had, like, the new bureau chief call me up for lunch and he made me a job offer and I came, and then Maureen and I became completely inseparable.”

[Daily Intel]

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