Jill Kelley Loses That Honorary Diplomat Title She Kept Bragging About


Jill Kelley, the Florida recipient of threatening emails from David Petraeus mistress Paula Broadwell who requested diplomatic protection from the media even though she is a voluntary social coordinator for a military base, has had her “honorary consul” title revoked by the South Korean embassy on the grounds that the South Korean embassy just can’t anymore with this woman.

According to CNN, the official reason the embassy gave for revoking Kelley’s title was that she attempted to use her status as an “honorary consul” (which carries the same political weight as being an honorary Mouseketeer, from what I can gather) to help an associate get an $80 million contract with the government of South Korea. During the negotiations, Kelley told energy executive Adam Victor that she was a “high-level representative of the South Korean government.”

She is not.

Of Kelley’s attempted wheelings/dealings, South Korea’s Deputy Foreign Minister told reporters,

It’s not suitable to the status of honorary consul that (she) sought to be involved in commercial projects and peddle influence. It’s also inappropriate as honorary consul.

At least she’s still the double secret Queen of Luxemburg.


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