JLaw Tried to Steal Lupita's Academy Award and More Oscars Gossip

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Last night was the Academy Awards, an event meant to facilitate the taking of selfies for famous people under the guise of giving them various accolades. Lots of kooky stuff happened! There was pizza! But what happened behind-the-scenes? Um, basically just more kooky stuff, plus a tiny dash of DRAMA.

Jennifer Lawrence, the Ambassador of Kooky, took a picture in which she pretended to make an attempt on Lupita Nyong’o‘s Oscar statuette. It is very cute. I nominate them both for Best Supporting Antics. [Daily Mail]

In other Jennifer Lawrence news, there are J-Law Red Carpet Fall Truthers because of course there are. [ONTD]

Oscar nominee Julie Delpy gave an interview in November in which she slammed the Academy: “It’s 90% white men over 70 who need money because they haven’t done anything in a long time,” quoth Julie. “You just need to give them two or three presents and they’re in your pocket. It doesn’t mean anything to me, so I don’t really care if there are women in the selection process. ” [NY Daily News]

Michael Fassbender told a reporter that he missed Lupita’s acceptance speech because he was “out taking a pee break.” However, “She doesn’t need me. She’s so happy already.” [EW]

Someone erected an “Oscar” statue depicting the golden man shooting heroin. [ABC]

John Travolta called Idina Menzel “Adele Dazim” and now there is an Adele Dazim Twitter account. [Twitter]

Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom, who recently broke up, bumped into each other at the Vanity Fair Oscars after party. She appeared to be wearing a gown fashioned out of mithril. [Hello!]

It’s rumored that Gwyneth Paltrow wanted to throw an Oscars after party to rival Vanity Fair‘s when she was still beefing with the magazine. I myself threw a rival party; there were mozzarella sticks abounding and the vibe was very understated glam. [Page Six]

Intensely Shocking Person Miley Cyrus did another Shocking Thing at her concert: she made out with a fan, crouched over in a glittery jumpsuit, and then proceeded to wipe her mouth a lot. OOoooooh!!! In case you missed it and thus weren’t scandalized, she tweeted about it. She is just so outrageous. Wow. [Gossip Cop]

  • Arby’s (the chain restaurant) purchased Pharrell‘s Grammy hat in a charity auction for $44,100. Further proof that Pharrell’s Grammy hat was an inside job. [Billboard]
  • The man who heckled Kim Kardashian while in blackface does not think that what he did was racist or offensive. [Bossip]
  • Some enterprising Internet sleuth has made a (seemingly very incomplete) compilation of every photobomb at the Oscars. [E!]
  • Like a bunch of jealous fools upset that they didn’t think to wear white to their black and white hotel party, no one on the Internet liked Kristin Cavallari‘s Oscars red carpet fashion commentary. Ugh, whatever. [HuffPo]
  • Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones are back together, according to Michael Douglas’ mom (moms are the most reliable source of all). [Hello!]
  • Oprah Winfrey partied despite her Oscars snub. Same. [Page Six]
  • Angelina Jolie grabbed Brad Pitt‘s butt v. tenderly and gently at the Spirit Awards; here is a video of it in slow motion to play at important events (your wedding, your child’s high school graduation, etc.). [ONTD]
  • Professional beautiful person Kendall Jenner continues to be professionally beautiful in increasingly prestigious ways: last night she walked in the Givenchy show in Paris. [ONTD]
  • Simon Cowell intimidated a paparazzo with his Yorkies, who are literally named Squiddly and Diddly. [TMZ]
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