Joan Collins Believes a Friendly 'Little Fly' Might Be Jackie Collins Reincarnated

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Reincarnation seems so stressful. According to Joan Collins, her late sister Jackie Collins has been reincarnated as a fly, living her second life as an insect, albeit one which seems to prefer her company. In a recent Guardian interview, she said:

Do you believe that little flies or butterflies or something can be old souls, people that you knew? I have this little fly that comes near me all the time. It’s really strange. I think it might be my sister. I know that sounds weird, and I don’t know whether I believe in the afterlife or not,” she says. “My opinion is still out to lunch about that.

Joan didn’t specify what type fly she believes Jackie may inhabit. How can she be certain it’s the same fly every time? Is it a housefly? A butterfly? A fruit fly? My willingness to tolerate my reincarnated sister would honestly depend a lot upon which fly form she took: as a butterfly, she would be tolerated. If she were a fruit fly, she’d have to be understanding that she wouldn’t be welcome in my home. What if every fly you swat is possibly some reincarnated relative?


Yesterday, rumors surfaced that Offset, rapper Cardi B’s former husband, had cheated or attempted to cheat with Cuban Doll, a rapper in Dollhouse. The cheating rumors began circulating yesterday evening, and last night, Cardi announced that they were no longer an item. Was the cheating rumor the final straw, or did Cardi, foreseeing mess on the horizon, decide to clear the air in order to avoid another mess? Unclear. Also Kash Doll seems to maybe have been implicated in some way by Asian Doll? There was also some speculation that Cuban Doll was actually propositioned for a threesome with the couple. What a mess.


Nicki Minaj has apparently been hanging around a sex offender… again. Last week, she posted photos on social media with a man fans identified Kenneth “Zoo” Petty, whose lengthy arrest record includes a 1995 conviction of raping a 16-year-old girl. Why does this keep happening?

[Oh No They Didn’t]

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