John Travolta Wants Critics to 'Read a Book,' Just Not Going Clear

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You know how you learn things? You read books. But only good books! Books written by smart people who know what they’re talking about. Like, oh I don’t know, L. Ron Hubbard! Yeah, if you want to learn things, you should read books by L. Ron Hubbard almost exclusively. That’s what John Travolta thinks, anyway. This morning on TODAY the totally-absolutely-100%-not-a-captive-of-an-evil-non-religion John Travolta said that Scientology is “misunderstood” and that “people really need to take time and read a book.” But definitely not Going Clear by Lawrence Wright, no no. Not that book. That book stinks! “You could read [L. Ron Hubbard’s] New Slant on Life or Dianetics,” he continued. “And I think if you really read it, you’ll understand it.”

Guess you don’t gotta hear both sides, after all!

[US Weekly]

Speaking of going clear, Roseanne Barr is going blind. 🙁 She told The Daily Beast that she has “macular degeneration and glaucoma,” and that her father suffered from the same conditions. That’s very sad! But the good news is that she’s smoking a lot of weed, so happy 420!

“[Marijuana is] good for me for that because I have pressure in my eyes,” she explained. “[Marijuana is a] good medicine for a lot of things.”

Glad you found something that works, Roseanne!

[US Weekly]

David O. Russell was mean as hell to Amy Adams on the set of American Hustle. Can you imagine being mean to Amy Adams? I can’t. I can imagine being a little annoyed that she hasn’t decided what she wants to order yet and the server is getting impatient, or maybe a little irritated that she brought a better birthday gift to the birthday party than I did, but I can’t imaging being mean to her. No. It would break my little heart! But more of those leaked Sony emails have revealed that people in the know think David. O. Russell is a big ol’ meanie.

“Not only are the stories about him reforming himself total bullshit but the new stories of his abuse and lunatic behavior are extreme even by Hollywood standards.”What do you think?…He grabbed one guy by the collar, cursed out people repeatedly in front of others and so abused Amy Adams that Christian Bale got in his face and told him to stop acting like an asshole.”
  1. I wonder how many people in Hollywood are in the “David O. Russell Was Mean To Me” club at this point…
  2. If one of you knows Amy Adams, would you give her a hug on my behalf?


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