JoJo and JoJo Siwa Will Evolve At Their Own Pace, Thank You Very Much


In a charming conversation for Variety, JoJo and JoJo Siwa discussed everything from fans being upset when they buy tickets for the wrong JoJo concert (I’ll take either, thank you), to navigating relationships with mom-agers, battling imposter syndrome and internet trolls, and the disturbing fact that JoJo has never really seen the most formative movie of my adolescence, Aquamarine. The pair also had a lot to say about music industry pressures to grow up too soon.

“My first single was so grown. I was already singing about things that were way older than what I should have been singing about,” JoJo recalled, noting that she had to grow into her mature musical persona over time.

A quick look at JoJo’s catalog will confirm that while every song is a certified bop, the then pre-teen pop star’s lyrics were perhaps better suited for someone several years older.

Her first single, “Leave (Get Out)“ was recorded when she was 12 years old and details the end of a relationship where JoJo has seemingly been cheated on. Other songs on her first record feature lines like, “I’m not your every day, around the way// Don’t go bar-hoppin’, chillin’ on the block.” I mean, I sure hope she wasn’t bar hopping in middle school! Meanwhile at 12, I was still sending notes across the classroom asking “Do you like me? Check yes or no.”

JoJo Siwa added that even though people assume that she is contractually obligated to maintain a more sanitized and colorful persona, she’s actually just not ready to evolve into more adult content yet. And why should she have to be? She’s doing just fine as it is.

Watch the JoJos’ full interview on Variety here.

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