Jon Stewart Rips CNN For Ignoring Protests in Favor of Black Tie WHCD


Last night, The Daily Show covered CNN’s horrendous coverage of the White House Correspondent’s Dinner, which took place at the same time protests were erupting in Baltimore following the funeral of Freddie Gray.

“Whilst the A-List of America’s media-political complex fiddled on this Saturday night,” Stewart said, 40 miles away, “actual news was occurring.” And CNN did not feel like covering it. “The worst part is how incredibly aware, yet simultaneously dismissive they were,” Stewart said. “That’s like saying, oh, I shouldn’t be masturbating in the street, but my balls aren’t gonna release themselves!”

Jessica Williams then did an excellent Hunger Games bit as a clownish Capital resident—an analogy that is becoming increasingly appropriate, considering, among other things, much of America’s response to the protests: “Obviously our hearts go out to Baltimore and all of District 7, so filled with grief at the death of so many tributes. But John, grief is no excuse for disharmony, is it, especially so close to the Capital on such an important weekend!”

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