Jonathan Adler: "Nothing Tastes As Good As Skinny Feels"

  • Designer (and husband of Barneys creative director/fashion sage Simon Doonan) Jonathan Adler is selling a needlepoint pillow emblazoned with the pro-ana proverb “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.” Which, as Adler should know, is pretty much anorexia‘s catchphrase. [Racked]
  • Yet another reason to avoid the freaky Christian disposable-fashion chain Forever 21: One of its main manufacturers has just been hit with an $887,000 fine for paying garment workers illegally low wages and failing to pay them required overtime. “Low-wage workers, such as those employed at garment shops throughout Southern California, are particularly vulnerable [to this kind of exploitation],” said Labor Secretary Hilda Solis. “The Department of Labor will not hesitate to hold employers accountable for paying their employees the wages they have earned.” [WWD]
  • There are three more photos of January Jones protecting her modesty with Versace accessories, from her upcoming spring ad campaign for the brand. [Racked]
  • Um, Karl Lagerfeld is in an ad for Volkswagen. [WWD]
  • And in yet more pointless shilling, Kim Kardashian is promoting an at-home hair removal kit. As she told Allure earlier this year, “I am Armenian, so of course I am obsessed with laser hair removal! Arms, bikini, legs, underarms…my entire body is hairless.” Is anyone on earth actually prepared to believe Kim’s depilatory regimen is achieved by her own hand, using an el-cheapo at-home hair removal kit? [CocoPerez]
  • Model and heiress Lydia Hearst, who is 26, has allegedly been secretly dating Jeff Goldblum, who is 58, and allegedly this concerns her family. [P6]
  • Robin Givhan, the Pulitzer-winning Washington Post fashion critic who often writes about the construction of race in fashion and political style, is leaving the newspaper to join Tina Brown‘s NewsBeast webmagazine-thing. [Media Decoder]
  • Asks Women’s Wear Daily: “Could the Golden Globes be a game changer? According to celebrity stylists who are kicking the gown search into high gear after Tuesday’s nominations, the 2011 awards season could be the one where designers finally break the red-carpet mold.” Safe money’s on umm, no. Most celebs are too scared of ending up on some worst-dressed list to take any fashion risks! Here’s a prediction: Awards season will proceed as per glittery, floor-length usual. [WWD]
  • In addition to commentary on her weight (didja know she’s vegan?!), Natalie Portman‘s latest Vogue profile contains this tidbit, about her life in Los Angeles: “It’s the first time I’ve had really close girlfriends. Kate and Laura Mulleavy have schedules that are similar to mine, so we can go for a hike at noon, or to the museum in the middle of the day.” [Vogue]
  • John Galliano, never change: “People always ask me about the clothes I wear on the runway. The attention should be on the collection — not my finale! I get so immersed in the world that I am creating that — like a method actor — I tune with the muse, the story and the collection so much so that I evolve into an homage to the world I have created.” [WSJ]
  • Even if Michael Kors, as an American, is unlikely to dress Kate Middleton anytime soon, he’s ready with a quote to capitalize on her fame: “When Barack Obama first became well known and everyone started looking at Mrs Obama I thought to myself ‘This is a very different, modern-looking couple.’ When I designed the outfit for the Michelle‘s first official portrait no one thought she would wear matte jersey but she did. Past women in the same position had always worn a tailored suit. When I look at Kate I see a changing of the guard in what is considered elegant. She is likes to look easy but chic. I would liken her to Obama and Carla Bruni in that way. All these women are in situations where they shaking off the formal suits of their predecessors.” [Vogue UK]
  • Designer Rachel Antonoff: “It’s mildly embarrassing, but as a child I had these elaborate daydreams, and I always wore a really fabulous outfit in them. That was the original inspiration: Why don’t I make that? I do a lot of designing in my head when I’m jogging or on a car ride.” [The Cut]
  • Diego Della Valle, the Italian businessman who owns Tod’s, Roger Vivier, and Hogan, along with a decent chunk of Saks Fifth Avenue, just sold (along with his brother Andrea) about 10% of Tod’s SpA. The sale netted them some $311 million, and they still own around 58% of the company. [WWD]
  • Temperley London will be showing in London next February, which also marks the label’s 10th anniversary. [Vogue UK]
  • Four people in France have been fined for insider trading in Clarins, which was taken private in 2008. [WWD]
  • Here is a Harvey Nichols holiday ad full of PUPPEHS. [Copyranter]
  • This video is old in two senses — for one thing, it features an 18-year-old Anna Dello Russo, shilling Ricotta cheese from a jar, and for another, it apparently resurfaced online a few months ago. Nevermind! It’s new to us. And who couldn’t stand to catch a glimpse of Anna Dello Russo, everyone’s favorite fruit-hatted fashion editor, shilling Ricotta cheese from a jar? [Fashionista]
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