Judge Judy Talks To William Shatner About Aging, Cellulite, And Female Superiority


Judge Judy was recently on William Shatner‘s new Biography Channel show Raw Nerve, and the two discussed why she doesn’t have empathy for violent criminals, why men are “marginal souls,” and why women rule.

One of the things I love about Judge Judy Sheindlin is that she exudes the same sort of pro-woman mindset as my mother, which ultimately informed my own feminism. I doubt either woman would identify as a “feminist”, but I think that might be because they’re actually female supremacists; that women are simply the “better” sex.

When Shatner grilled Sheindlin on her lack of empathy for criminals, she explained that although she understands that there are reasons for people committing crimes, there’s never an excuse when victims involved. “If I wouldn’t live next to them myself, if I wouldn’t let them compromise the safety of my children and grandchildren, who am I, as a judge, to say to some stranger, ‘I’ll put you back on the street, because I don’t live where you live. Your neighborhood has to deal with it.'”

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