The Julia Fox, KeKe Palmer, and Ana de Armas Stan Accounts Have Unionized

The stan accounts are taking a stand against the bad men their faves support.

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The Julia Fox, KeKe Palmer, and Ana de Armas Stan Accounts Have Unionized
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In a rare display of solidarity amongst manic fan accounts, an Ana de Armas fan account has tweeted in support of Keke Palmer’s and Julia Fox’s fan accounts. The comradeship comes after both Fox and Palmer made headlines for working with alleged sexual predators Alexander Wang and David O. Russell, respectively. And they say Twitter is a place devoid of meaningful connection?! Pfft!

So what’s got the stans linking arms? Earlier this week at the launch of New York Fashion Week, Julia Fox walked the runway at the Alexander Wang show. In February 2021, 11 people came forward with sexual misconduct allegations against the designer, which were piled on top of previous harassment complaints against him. Wang has denied all of these allegations. This was his first NYFW since those allegations were made public, and as is often the case, he was welcomed back with open arms by almost everyone.

However, not on the welcoming committee are the steadfast admins behind the Fox stan account, Julia Fox Fan Updates.

The account has been a consistent in their disavowal of Fox’s association with the designer. “If I’m on hiatus, you know why,” they tweeted in December after Fox posted a letter from Wang saying he’s excited to work with her.

Similarly, it was announced yesterday that Palmer is slated to appear in Russell’s next film, alongside Sacha Baron Cohen. Russel, too, has had a number of sexual assault allegations levied against him, including from his own niece. With that news, the admin behind the Palmer fan updates account had enough.

Now why is Ana de Armas Updates chiming in? Well, they are the account that seemingly broke the mold of blind worship. During the pandemic, the account would often criticize their beloved de Armas for not wearing a face mask while galavanting about with then-beau Ben Affleck.

While I personally don’t know if the parasocial obsessions these accounts have with their celebrities are a good use of anyone’s times, it is heartening to see they have their own set of moral guidelines that they stand by. And it’s even more heartening is the support they are lending one another while their favs are being problematic.

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