Julie Andrews Found Her Least Favorite Sound of Music Number 'Inane'


During an interview with Diane Sawyer, Julie Andrews confessed that there was one song in particular on The Sound of Music’s soundtrack that annoyed the shit out of her a little bit.

It’s not “Something Good,” a song accompanied in the film version by so much close up kissing that my parents used to make me leave the room while it aired (I didn’t mind; kissing is very gross). It’s not that dumb extended version of “Do Re Mi” the Von Trapps sang at the music competition before fleeing the Nazis, a song so grating that I have employed it to annoy my cat enough that she runs out of my bedroom with her ears folded back at an irritated angle. It’s not “Edelweiss,” thank God. It’s “I Have Confidence,” a song that wasn’t part of the original Broadway score and thus wasn’t written by Rodgers & Hammerstein. From Billboard,

“The lyrics were a bit inane,” Andrews explained. “Actually what I did, because I couldn’t make sense of it and I have to have lyrics that make sense, I decided the best way to sing ‘I Have Confidence’ was to go completely nuts with panic and fear and busy work.”

Apropos of nothing, “inane” would have rhymed perfectly with the lines in the penultimate verse of “I Have Confidence.”

The full interview will air on ABC tonight, which I’ll be watching while all of you emotional masochists are savaging yourselves with the Empire finale.

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