Just How Broke Is Lindsay Lohan?


Just two episodes into Lindsay it’s apparent that the troubled actress needed the OWN reality series for more than just to relaunch her career. She’s seemingly flat broke and the production company behind her show had to come through with checks for her rent, security deposit and broker’s fee. The money was an advance on her salary, which producers feared she would never actually earn since she already started bailing on shooting.

Lindsay didn’t actually appear on camera until seven minutes into the show since she was still sleeping at 4:30 pm. The crew waited around her hotel for hours but she refused to get up and film for the day. Instead, director Amy Rice was forced to just shoot Lindsay’s assistant Matt begging her to get dressed and deal with life as Lindsay’s gravely, groggy voice barked at him off-camera.

Once she started pulling her crap, the head of the production company for her show took back possession of the checks that she needed to secure the keys to the SoHo apartment she’d rented.

Despite not having enough cash to pay her taxes, her rent, or a plane ticket to Venice Lindsay’s hotel room is a jumble of half-filled shopping bags from high-priced stores like Kiki de Montparnasse and Hermés. But the issue of her finances is not being addressed directly, which is frustrating and not exactly the “truth” that Oprah was seeking.

Instead, the tension of this show revolves around whether Lindsay can successfully rent an apartment in the amount of time that it takes for her Restylane injection bruises to heal.

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