Just Like the Rest of America, Nancy Pelosi Doesn't Want to Sit Through Another Goddamn Debate

Just Like the Rest of America, Nancy Pelosi Doesn't Want to Sit Through Another Goddamn Debate
Image: Gabriella Demczuk (Getty Images)

At a press conference on Thursday, Nancy Pelosi gave voice to the frustration of every American hoisting themselves by the hair to November’s election. “Don’t tell anybody who told you this—especially don’t tell Joe Biden—I don’t think that there should be any debates,” she said, per NBC. Pelosi explained that her desire to skip all of the three scheduled upcoming presidential debates was due to the fact that Trump “has comported himself in a way that anybody has any association with truth, evidence, data and facts. I wouldn’t legitimize a conversation with him, nor a debate in terms of the presidency of the United States.”

Biden, who will take any opportunity to prove his vitality and the presence of a pulse, disagreed with Pelosi’s take, saying he plans to participate in all of the debates and said he’d be “a fact-checker on the floor” during the debates. While Biden purports to be as healthy as a man his age can be, the act of fact-checking Donald Trump during a debate is enough to bring anyone closer to the sweet embrace of death. Still, one has to wonder if Pelosi isn’t being a brain ninja and just goading these men into fighting each other to the literal death—or, more likely, trying to ensure that Trump is baited enough not to bail on a debate, were he considering doing that.

Jocelyn Benson, Michigan’s Secretary of State, claimed in a tweet on Thursday that her office had received a recording of a robocall going out to residents in Detroit discouraging them from voting by mail. The recording, which can be heard in full here, told potential voters that the information submitted to vote by mail would be used to track down personal information like outstanding warrants and unpaid debts. The claims being made in the calls are false and likely being weaponized as scare tactics in an effort to suppress voters in Detroit.

Sam Levine, a voting rights reporter with the Guardian, claimed on Twitter that the source of these calls is still unknown, despite the fact they were originally attributed to conspiracy theorists/right-wing trolls Jacob Wohl and Jack Burkman—who claimed in an interview with Levine that they are working to stop the calls. Whatever you say, fellas.

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