Just Mayo, Just Mayo


It turns out you can have eggless mayo—sort of—but you legally can’t refer to it as “Just Mayo” unless “just” means, like, “justice.”

In August, vegan food company Hampton Creek, maker of Just Mayo, received a warning from the Food and Drug Administration. The FDA said that Just Mayo was misleading name considering the product didn’t actually have any eggs, a central ingredient to mayonnaise, according to Quartz. Now Hampton Creek and the FDA have called a truce, agreeing that the “just” in Just Mayo now stands for “guided by reason, justice, and fairness” rather than “only.”

The funniest part is that due to Just Mayo’s popularity in America, Mexico and Japan, the egg industry was “shaken.” In fact, emails from the American Egg Board showed that the organization sorta put a hit out on Just Mayo.

The Board unsuccessfully tried to have Just Mayo removed from Whole Foods shelves and was encouraged by a USDA employee to report the label to the FDA.

Naturally the FDA was like “it wasn’t us” when asked if they were part of the egg-motivated plot to push Just Mayo off grocery shelves. However, the American Egg Board is an office that falls under the US Department of Agriculture, like the FDA.

Food drama is real, yo.

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Image via Hampton Creek.

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