Just Some Beautiful Gowns and Miscellaneous Gossip from the Emmy Awards

Awards shows are back, everyone's acting normal, what a thrill!

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Just Some Beautiful Gowns and Miscellaneous Gossip from the Emmy Awards
Image:Rich Fury (Getty Images)

Somehow, the Emmy Awards went on last night looking very much like a normal awards show in regular times. Well, normal-ish. All the little attendees were crammed in one large “tent,” which, as Seth Rogen joked, appeared to be “hermetically sealed”? I don’t know, bro. All attendees were required to be vaccinated and I have to assume that the Emmy Awards had stricter entrance policies and safety requirements than usual, and oh my GOD, I am hopeful that this cruel war will end or at least abate in some significant way so there’s a day in the near-enough future where something as essentially frivolous as the Emmys no longer requires a complicated calculus of personal safety.

What was nice about this year’s Emmys was that it erased the spectacular weirdness of last year’s socially-distanced, Zoom-forward debacle, which felt a little bit like a very long work meeting with an inscrutable dress code. The pandemic has effectively taken the stuffing out of awards shows as they once were, which leaves space for innovation or at least progress. This year’s Emmy Awards were a bit like a very nice wedding—freewheeling, a little boozy, and sort of fun. All the shows you thought would win did, but everyone really seemed so happy to be out and pretending that their lives were normal, that it was refreshing to see rich people in beautiful gowns drinking too much Pinot Gris and then accepting an award.

There were gowns! Many garments. Here’s some that were nice.

Image:Rich Fury (Getty Images)

Green!! Yara Shahidi is doing glamour and that color green, both of which are tricky to execute. Michaela Coel, who dedicated her Emmy to sexual assault survivors and gave the best speech of the night, looks stunning. And Issa Rae’s dress might be chainmail (?) or just high-end mesh, but whatever it is, it looks comfortable and hot.

Image:Rich Fury (Getty Images)

Here are four outfits that I loved!! Beanie Feldstein in coral lamé and a formal belt sounds like it could be a disaster, but it is not—transcendent and fresh and looks comfortable. Though I am not sure if it is a comment on anything or just a curious design choice, the giant pink ruffle that runs down the front of Angela Bassett’s dress looks like a question mark. And finally, Anna Konkle’s sage-green dress is pretty, but Maya Erskine doing formal gingham is something I can get behind!

Image:Rich Fury (Getty Images)

Listen, Bowen Yang’s boots aren’t quite the Jeffery Campbell Lita boot, but they’re close enough, and for me, that’s great.

Congrats to all the winners, most of whom were on the shows Ted Lasso or The Crown.

Doesn’t it feel like the Sex and the City reboot is basically already out, even though it is not? It’s coming. HBO Max would like you to know that. And if you’re ready to see what Carrie and Big are doing, then watch this teaser trailer for HBO Max’s fall offerings, and get ready to feel something, though I don’t know what.

Arguably, the Successsion sneaky-peeky is much more exciting, but within this clip is proof of life for Big and Carrie’s relationship. They seem fine, but I bet not for long!! [Us Weekly]

  • Princess Beatrice had a baby. [Page Six]
  • Mandy Moore ended her Emmys evening by skipping out early and eating pizza naked in her pantry. [Us Weekly]
  • Okay, I’m not sure how this happened or why, but some fans got into a physical fight during an Olivia Rodrigo show. The song that soundtracked this fight was not “good 4 u” as I’d assumed, but “Driver’s License”…? [Page Six]
  • Well, Manny Pacquiao is running for president of the Philippines. [Washington Post]
  • Chris Rock got a breakthrough case of covid, and would like everyone who hasn’t to fucking get vaccinated. [Vulture]
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