Justin Bieber Surprises Selena Gomez With A Date Night Straight Out Of A Romantic Comedy

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What happens when you’re young, in love (with both your girlfriend and Adam Sandler movies), and have tons of connections just sitting around collecting dust? If you’re Justin Bieber, you get private access to the Staples center just so you can watch epic tearjerker Titanic with your special lady friend.

Justin hatched the idea after seeing the movie “Mr. Deeds” — where Adam Sandler surprises Winona Ryder with a date at Madison Square Garden.
Here’s how it went down tonight … Justin took Selena to the Demi Lovato concert at neighboring Nokia Theater. He then said, “Come with me” — and took her underground to Staples Center to watch the biggest shipwreck of all time.
And if you don’t hate him enough already — Justin didn’t have to pay a penny for Staples. We’re told since he sold out the venue three times, and it was empty tonight … they gave him the entire arena for free.

It’s assumed he followed this date up with a trip to McDonald’s in an effort to keep it real.

Taylor Armstrong of The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills says she was abused by her late husband, Russell Armstrong, on multiple occasions:

“The first time he ever really harmed me physically, I was pregnant with Kennedy and he grabbed me by the throat and held me up against a wall. Nothing had really happened to set him off, so I saw his ability to go from zero to 60 that quickly,” Taylor explained. “I had made pizza for his children before he got home from work, and he came into the master bedroom and grabbed me by the neck and shoved me against the wall and he said, `If you ever make my children a pizza without a vegetable again, I’ll kill you.'”
Taylor explains that she lived in a state of fear with Russell. “You live your life constantly on eggshells waiting for the other shoe to drop,” she said, in tears. “You don’t know if you’re going to talk to your girlfriend too long at dinner and that’s going to cause someone to fly into a rage.” She estimates that there were about 20 incidents of abuse over the course of their marriage.
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