JWoww's Ex Tenderly Describes Her Cellulite


Tom Lippolis—the Jersey Shore star’s ex-boyfriend—is an early contender for Scumbag of the Year after he publicly described JWoww’s naked body in pre-cosmetic surgery photos he’s been trying to sell, saying she was “deformed” with “tons of cellulite.”

Lippolis is apparently in possession of nude photos—both before and after—she had liposuction and a second boob job, of which JWoww recently filed a court order to prevent her ex from releasing the images. Unfortunately, that can’t stop him from painting a mental portrait for everyone with his description of how she looked before getting corrective surgery. “There were two-inch scars on her nipples and after the surgery, they had stretched the skin and removed the scars,” he told Radar.

To make himself seem like less of a sleaze, Lippolis is trying to blame JWoww’s court order on her own vanity, saying, “She doesn’t want people to see what she looked like before she had all her surgeries.” His strategy there is not working, in the court of public opinion, at least. He also claims that JWoww only filed the motion to get out of paying him “management fees.” Doesn’t he realize that he’s sounding more and more like a scorned pimp?

Hopefully (yet, doubtfully) MTV is helping JWoww with her legal fees, since the network apparently barred her from cashing in on her naked body herself with a $400,000 Playboy offer.

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: J-WOWW Naked Photos Show ‘Tons Of Cellulite,’ Says Her Ex [Radar]

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