Kate Hudson Has Been Exactly This Happy For Two Solid Years


Kate Hudson seems very happy, wouldn’t you say? Whether dancing, watering the lawn, working out (in Fabletics), or just hanging out with friends, she appears to be enjoying the gift of life more than just about anyone on the planet.

And, as Racked pointed out today, she never even turns off that happy little smile of hers! Just look at Kate “Happy” Hudson on the cover of the December 2013 Harper’s Bazaar:

And now check her out on the cover of the December 2015 Harper’s Bazaar:

Still equally happy! Like, we’re talking the literal the same level of happiness, 24 months later. Even her hair has remained in a constant state of happiness—only, you know, happily swooping in another direction. And still wearing what is arguably the happiest of all colors: pink!

She looks at the bright side so often that she wears sunglasses indoors!

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Images via Harper’s Bazaar.

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