Kate Moss Changes Wedding Date, Guests Freak


Oh no! Kate Moss has changed her wedding date from July 2 to July 1! Panic, everyone who’s invited! [Vogue UK]
Says one anonymous invitee, “I received a piece of white card with silver writing on it. It read, ‘Kate Moss and Jamie Hince will be marrying pm Friday July 1. Save the date.’ The date has shifted from Saturday the 2nd but there’s no information about where the wedding is, how many days, nights, et cetera. Kate’s doing her usual secret mission stuff but it’s not so funny when the wedding’s just four weeks away.” Another adds, “Friday is a strange day to ask us to keep free when everyone believed it was a Saturday and a weekend away.” Yes, Friday. What a strange day for a wedding. It’s almost unprecedented. [CM]

Annie Leibovitz shot this Nike campaign with athletes Maria Sharapova, Li Na, Allyson Felix, Perri Shakes-Drayton, Hope Solo, Sofia Boutella, and Laura Enever. [WWD]

Katherine Hamnett met the Queen and received a CBE wearing a Philip Treacy hat that sort of looked like a bright red feather duster. Which is to say, Katherine Hamnett is awesome. [Telegraph]

Here is a white Hermès t-shirt that costs $345. [TLF]

U.K. retailer Next is holding a modeling competition online, and Reddit users decided to all go vote for this guy. He’s now number 1. Roland B. of Belfast, we salute you. [Refinery29]

  • Blake Lively: “You know, my mom modeled and made clothes, so I always had such an appreciation for design. And then Gossip Girl completely blew open the door to fashion for me. I’d go to fashion shows and call my publicist and say, ‘Can I wear that?’ I think I became my own stylist by not knowing any better. And once I was told it was time to get one, I thought: This is one of my favorite hobbies! And I’m going to pay someone to steal my hobby from me? That’s a terrible idea!” Also: “I feel shy when people are fussing on me. And my diet of choice before events is a chicken potpie from Tea & Sympathy, because they never have enough food at these things.” [Glamour]
  • Tom Ford mentioned more details about those nasty letters Yves Saint Laurent sent him when Ford took over ready-to-wear at the French label in an interview with CNN. Says the designer, “I have letters that he wrote to me about it, you know: ‘In 13 minutes on the runway you have destroyed 40 years of my career.’ I am really happy I have them — they are written in his own hand. When I’m 85, maybe I’ll put them in a book — if anyone cares.” Ford first spoke publicly about the hand-written hate mail and the tempestuous situation between himself, Saint Laurent, and Pierre Bergé in The Advocate in 2009: ” They would call the fiscal police, and they would show up at our offices. You are not able to work an employee more than 35 hours a week. They’re like Nazis, those police. They’d come marching in, and you had to let them in and they’d interview my secretary. And they can fine you and shut you down. Pierre was the one calling them. I’ve never talked about this on the record before, but it was an awful time for me. Pierre and Yves were just evil. So Yves Saint Laurent doesn’t exist for me. I have letters from Yves Saint Laurent that are so mean you cannot even believe such vitriol is possible. I don’t think he was high when he wrote them either.” [CNN, Previously]
  • More from Ford: “I know one day I’ll be irrelevant. No matter how hard you try, there is a cultural moment, but eventually that window’s gone, your time on Earth is finished, and you might as well leave. I could absolutely die tomorrow — I would not care. I feel like I’ve lived, I feel like I’ve had a great life.” [Vogue UK]
  • Karl Lagerfeld is disappointed that “lazy” fashion writers don’t dig up more dirt on him. “Today nobody’s really found the real story…I have nothing to say. But it’s interesting that people in fact are lazy. If they worked hard they would find interesting things. Nobody finds it! So I’m in a position to say ‘Fuck you, you’re all lazy pigs.’ And I certainly won’t help them.” You hear that, fashion writers? Go find that dirt. [Elle]
  • Another designer who’s had a hard time in charge at Yves Saint Laurent, Stefano Pilati says, “I never thought I could design better than Saint Laurent. I mean, how can you top him? At the same time, you don’t want to lose the confidence in yourself. You are creative, you have proved it.” Pilati is “very scared” of bloggers. “I pay attention to all of them and I’m very scared,” he says. “Because who are these people? I would like to sit with them and ask them where they come from. Because it’s very easy to judge from your bed.” [WWD]
  • Marc Jacobs, on his public image: “You can live with the love, you can live with the hate. We’ve been bankrupt, we been fired. We didn’t hang up our hat.” This story quotes yours truly apparently passing judgment on the designer’s body; that sentence, in context, addressed not Jacobs himself, but how he is presented in the (excellent) Loïc Prigent documentary about Louis Vuitton. If I miss the old, nerdy MJ, it’s because I am a nerd myself; I really have no opinion about whether Marc Jacobs likes to go to the gym, or what that means for fashion. [NYTimes]
  • Todd Oldham‘s wrongful termination and breach of contract lawsuit against Old Navy will proceed. The $20 million claim was unanimously approved by three appeals court judges, who ruled that Old Navy failed to present any evidence to challenge Oldham’s claims that he was widely praised by management prior to his firing, and that Old Navy failed to negotiate in good faith when it canceled plans to launch a Todd Oldham branded line of apparel. [NYPost]
  • In this commercial for Vera Wang‘s perfume “Lovestruck,” Leighton Meester twiddles her thumbs on a fire escape while a man climbs up from street level to give her flowers. Meester was paid a reported $3 million to be the face of the product. [YouTube]
  • “Could Supermodel Gisele Bundchen Be On Track To Becoming a Billionaire?” [Forbes]
  • Jones Group has acquired Kurt Geiger for $350 million. [WWD]
  • Jonas Bevacqua, the 33-year-old founder of LRG clothing, was found dead at his home on Monday. An autopsy to determine his cause of death was inconclusive. [LATimes]
  • Duckie Brown is introducing a women’s wear collection called Mrs. Brown. [WWD]
  • Lauren Conrad can’t stop talking to the press about how happy she is not to be doing reality TV anymore. Which kind of defeats the purpose, you know? [Showbiz Spy]
  • In news that should make anyone who was ever 14 years old in a Commonwealth country in the year 1999 very happy, Robbie Williams is getting a clothing line. [Drapers]
  • Andy Roddick is launching a line with Lacoste, a brand he has long represented. [WWD]
  • Same-store sales at Macy’s rose a whopping 7.4% year-on-year during the month of May. [WWD]
  • Fendi plans to open another four stores in China by the end of 2012, bringing its total number of stores to 20. [WWD]
  • This is news that should make our Y&R-loving mum very happy: Jabot cosmetics now exists IRL. [BH]

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