Kathie Lee Thinks 'Butter Face' Has to Do With Ejaculation


Today show lushes Kathie Lee and Hoda hung out with Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live last night, and played a fun game called “Encylo-Kathie Lee-dia,” which tested how well KLG knows modern slang terms.

KLG pretended not to know “motorboating,” but the way she stuck out her chest at seasoned TV newsman Harry Smith proves she was just being coy. While “ratchet” was a mystery, “crunk” was a cinch. But the best part was when Kathie Lee was asked to define “butter face.”

“I think somebody does something improper on a person’s face,” she declared. “That’s what comes to mind.” Um… Now we have jizzy images of you in our heads, KLG. Thank you.

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