Keira May Play Lady Di; Gaga Channels Mercury

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  • In an effort to snag Keira Knightley and Helen Mirren, the production company behind the Lady Di biopic proclaimed that they are at the top of producers’ list (but that they’ll take ScarJo if they have to). [Daily Mail]
  • Not at the top of some veterans’ lists is Jessica Simpson, whose overzealous people told a bunch of vets that they weren’t allowed to perform for the taping of some PBS special with Simpson while wearing camo pants and blazers. The Power That Be now say their performance was cut for “time” in the taped special. [NY Post]
  • Tyra Banks is on one Georgia woman’s shitlist, after she had the woman’s 15-year-old daughter appear on a show about self-proclaimed sex addicts. The woman, of course, is suing. [NYDN]
  • On top of my list, though, is the October 23 premiere of Kanye’s runaway, announced on Twitter (of course) yesterday. Like Kanye’s ego, it’ll be sucking all the media oxygen out of the world next Saturday. [Twitter]
  • In less great news, Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey have been picking out baby names since their first date. [ONTD]
  • In a sign that you should start hoarding toilet paper and canned food, Dina Lohan is asking Kris Jenner for parenting advice. [TMZ]
  • Jonah Hill reportedly tried hitting on models and got denied. He also reportedly has a girlfriend. He was also reportedly drinking Genny Creme Ale which, given than my dad drinks that swill, is as good a reason as any to turn down a guy. [NY Post]
  • Jeremy Piven apparently had similar luck hitting on a cocktail waitress. Guys, women aren’t there in service to your own egos. [NY Post]
  • In news that would’ve seemed smarter before the whole banks-destroyed-the-economy thing, Britney’s conservators are giving a bunch of her money to Merrill Lynch financial advisors to invest. [TMZ]
  • Gross human being Jesse James is now trying to use the HIV outbreak in the porn industry to deny his ex-wife, Janine Lindemulder, visitation with their daughter, Sunny. He is demanding an HIV test before she be allowed to see their kid since she used to work in porn. Used to. Also, anyone want to take bets about whether James kept a stash of condoms by the fuck-couch in his office? I don’t. [Radar]
  • Someone who went to dinner with T.I. after his sentencing hearing Friday was drinking White Russians, dude. [TMZ]
  • Reports indicate that yet another one of Lady Gaga’s many inspirations was Freddy Mercury, which adds to the evidence that she might actually be pretty smart. [NY Post]
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