Kelly Osbourne Tries to Defend Her Indefensible $250,000 Manicure


Kelly Osbourne is sorry she’s not sorry some of you didn’t like her nails. The existence of a bottle of nail polish made of diamonds that costs $250,000 nonetheless remains incontrovertible evidence that somewhere along the line we went very, very wrong as a culture. Then Kelly Osbourne Instagrammed another picture of her nails. [@MissKellyO]

Candice Swanepoel says that it wasn’t Photoshop that made one of her boobs look bigger than the other in that much-criticized Victoria’s Secret ad. “If I pose a certain way with my shoulder up like this,” she demonstrated for a reporter, “obviously one’s going to look higher than the other.” This seems like one of those cases where so many other Photoshop changes were made to the image that suddenly a fairly normal body position looks uncanny. [Fashionista]

Speaking of Photoshop, here’s Sheryl Crow on the cover of the “Pink Book,” the Bloomingdale’s catalog full of pink crap you can buy (one-half of one cent [divided by three, round up to the next decimal, divide by π] from every dollar of Pink Crap sales goes to breast cancer charities, or whatever). [WWD]

Steven Pan shot Jessica Stam for the new Interview Russia. [Jezebel Inbox]

Knitting magazines seem to be the primary source of employment for former America’s Next Top Model contestants. [Buzzfeed]

  • In more worrisome news of the environmental and human impact of the apparel trade, a sack of powder dye used in textile and cosmetics manufacturing fell off a truck in China, burst open, and contaminated two villages. Residents found the dye contaminated homes, clothing, ground water, pets. It is a lung irritant. Worse, because the dye (known as Rhodamine B extra) is water-soluble and highly concentrated, it can only be washed off with a vinegar spray — regular water just makes it more pink. [Austrian Times]
  • Ines de la Fressange may be a brand ambassador for Roger Vivier, but that hasn’t stopped her from quietly consulting on the planned relaunch of the Schiaparelli brand for the past three years. (Both brands are owned by Diego Della Valle.) De la Fressange says that Della Valle has interviewed several candidates for creative director and will announce a new hire “soon.” [WWD]
  • Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez of Proenza Schouler are house-hunting. The two recently checked out a townhouse in Fort Greene that the Post calls “gorgeous.” It also costs $2.65 million. This fucking city, man. [NYPost]
  • Apparently while Mahmoud Ahmedinejad was doing his usual thundering about hegemony and the Jews, etc, at the United Nations members of the Iranian delegation were getting their shop on. The visiting Iranians were after items that are hard to obtain due to U.S. sanctions, so they went to Costco and Payless ShoeSource. [NYDN]
  • H&M says the prices at its planned higher-end chain & Other Stories will span around $9 for certain jewelry and accessories to $315 for a leather jacket. & Other Stories has a separate design team headquartered in Paris. [WWD]
  • A judge has rejected Daphne Guinness‘ downstairs neighbors’ claim for $1 million in “emotional damages” related to the heiress and fashion icon’s repeated flooding of their apartment. But Guinness was found liable for the damage to the apartment. Guinness reportedly has a habit of letting her bath overflow, and a poorly designed bathroom renovation made the water more likely to seep through the floor. Guinness says she has fixed the problem and has already been paying to repair the damage. [NYPost]
  • From fiscal 2010 to 2011, sales at Stella McCartney rose 19% to $33.6 million. Profits hit $4.6 million. [WWD]
  • Yohji Yamamoto recently said that “fashion is like shit.” Women’s Wear Daily asked him to explain that comment:
  • “Let me talk like an old man. Young people, be careful. Beautiful things are disappearing every day. Be careful.…You don’t need to be [shopping at fast-fashion stores], especially young people. They are beautiful naturally, because they are young. So they should even wear simple jeans and a T-shirt. It’s enough. Don’t be too much fashionable.…The brand advertising is making you crazy. You don’t need to be too sexy. You are sexy enough.”
  • [WWD]
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