Kevin Spacey Accused of Performing Oral Sex on a Sleeping Person

Prosecutors told the court the actor was a “sexual bully” and alleged that he perpetrated 12 assaults between 2001 and 2013—all of which he has denied.

Kevin Spacey Accused of Performing Oral Sex on a Sleeping Person
Photo:Neil Mockford (Getty Images)

Kevin Spacey’s U.K. sexual assault trial kicked off this week, and prosecutors have already begun detailing the disturbing allegations made against the actor by four men. Spacey, they said, is a “sexual bully,” alleging that he perpetrated 12 assaults between 2001 and 2013—all of which the actor has denied.

On Friday, London’s Southwark Crown Court was given an overview of the accusations from the prosecution. The first accuser allegedly met Spacey at an audition in 2008, after he’d previously written to the actor in pursuit of mentorship. Spacey, he claimed, initiated a meeting at his apartment. The man then said he fell asleep at the apartment, only to wake up to Spacey performing oral sex on him.

“He [the complainant] thought he was only awake at Kevin Spacey Fowler’s apartment for about one hour so must have been asleep or passed out for about five hours,” Prosecutor Christine Agnew KC said.“He has always thought this was strange and unlike him as he had four to five pints at the pub in the afternoon, a few bottles of beer at the apartment and a few drags on a cannabis joint.”

“Despite (the complainant) saying no he continued so (the complainant) pushed him off,” Agnew continued. The man then claimed Spacey told him not to tell anyone and he remembered leaving the apartment, sitting at the bus stop and crying.

Another accuser claimed to have been seated next to Spacey at a theatre in 2005. Spacey, per his recollection, asked if they’d ever “fucked.” Agnew said the man was “shocked” and ignored the actor’s question. Spacey then allegedly proceeded to put his hand on the man’s leg. An hour later, as the man was showing Spacey backstage, he claimed the actor “grabbed his penis with such force it was painful.” Spacey, Agnew said, “laughed” when the man pushed him away.

A third accuser, Agnew told the court, was employed as a driver for Spacey. In 2022, he approached the police about Spacey’s alleged behavior.

“Unusually the defendant would normally sit in the front passenger’s seat of the car,” Agnew said.“When he started driving him (the complainant) recalls that he was very ‘touchy feely’ and someone who spoke quite openly about his sexuality. (The complainant) found this unusual—it was not the normal sort of conversation he would have with a passenger or client.”

“Over time the inappropriate and unwelcome touching became more intense and progressed to Mr Spacey Fowler stroking [the complainant’s] leg and rubbing his neck,” she continued. “This behavior escalated to occasions when Kevin Spacey Fowler would actually grab and grope [the complainant] in an aggressive way.”

The final accuser claims to have met the actor in a pub in 2013. Spacey, he alleges, invited him and a group of people back to his home where he allegedly hugged him, kissed his neck, and told him to “be cool, be cool,” as he grabbed the man’s crotch.”

“(The complainant) pushed the defendant against a wall and said, ‘Sorry man I don’t bat for that team,’” Agnew said. Spacey, the man claimed, then walked past him without another word.

Spacey was found not guilty of sexual battery against actor Anthony Rapp in November 2022. “A courtroom is not a safe space for trauma,” Rapp commented in the immediate aftermath.

The trial will reportedly last about four weeks.

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