Khloe Kardashian Is Pregnant

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  • Newly ginger Khloe Kardashian has, as they say, a bun in the oven.

Allegedly! Just in time for her new show. Prediction: Her kid will be tall. [Page Six]

  • “Stars including Elizabeth Hurley and Lily Allen could face an official investigation over allegations they were paid to plug brands on” [WonderWall]
  • American Sweetheart Sandra Bullock and Sexiest Man Alive Ryan Reynolds are “quietly dating,” according to a source. [Radar Online]
  • Can a giant $25,000 diamond necklace keep a person sober? Lindsay Lohan plans to find out. [NYDN]
  • Can hot hottie Tom Hardy keep a person sober? Linday Lohan plans to find out. [TMZ]
  • Lindsay Lohan and her new neighbor Samantha Ronson went to dinner in West Hollywood over the weekend. Keepin’ it friendly! [TMZ]
  • Lindsay Lohan went to the Lakers game last night, but cheered for the Knickerbockers, because she’s from New York. Kobe Bryant sent her a Lakers cap, though, and that was nice. [ET]
  • Harlow Madden‘s 3rd birthday was totally star-studded, and you know if Kingston Rossdale was there, a good time was had by all. [Pop Sugar]
  • Gwyneth Paltrow and congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords are cousins, though they have never met. [ET]
  • And Christina Green, the 9-year-old girl who was shot and killed in Tucson on Saturday, was Sophia Bush‘s cousin. [Digital Spy]
  • Hey Girl, when Ryan Gosling is doing a sexy sex scene, he really commits to that sexy sex. He makes sexy sexual sex authentic, and he’s proud of how sexy and real his sexy sex can be. [NYDN]
  • Ryan Gosling: “I’m interested in love and the lack of it and the crazy things we do to get it. The knight slays the dragon and then lives happily ever after with the princess in the castle, but when they’ve moved in together, they have to share a bathroom. How do you keep love alive in a domestic situation? What is it about that that dismantles love?” [Contact Music]
  • Here is a picture of Daniel Craig wearing what some people call a Canadian tuxedo. [The Sun]
  • Jessica Simpson is a big tipper and that is not a euphemism. [Gatecrasher]
  • Spoilerish! The Glee kids are going to do Michael Jackson‘s hit, “Thriller,” complete with football team zombies. [Radar Online]
  • Justin Bieber is one of the most popular women on the web, according to [NYDN]
  • Zac and Vanessa sitting in a tree club, kay eye ess ess eye en gee. [Daily Mail]
  • OMFG. News straight out of the Department Of Bad Ideas: Baz Luhrmann is considering shooting The Great Gatsby in 3D. Because what the world is crying out for is a movie scene in which handmade dress shirts come flying at your face. [Hollywood Reporter]
  • Salma Hayek is working on bringing Wicked to ABC as a miniseries, but the project would be more based on the novel, not the musical. [TV Line]
  • Rihanna and Nicki Minaj have been flirting and teasing each other via Twitter, pretending to be hooking up and stuff. Faux-lesbianism: Not very original, but attention-grabbing all the same. [NYDN]
  • If you care at all about the guy who wrote Guidos and is suing MTV for ripping off his idea and turning it into Jersey Shore, you’ll find all kinds of details here. Quoth said writer: “MTV stands for Moron TV.” [Gatecrasher]
  • Denise Richards and Nikki Sixx have broken up. [Us Magazine]
  • Lieutenant Daniels from The Wire has a music career! New album with a “jazzy flair.” [AP]
  • Debi Mazar has a cooking show? Love it. [Under The Tuscan Gun]
  • Blind items! 1. “Which former supermodel who has a long-term boyfriend was spotted getting hot and heavy with a gorgeous, leggy female blonde in the back of a limo on the way to Atlantic City, causing blushes from the driver who politely ‘raised the partition’?” 2. Which staunchly sober actor was spotted repeatedly sniffing the contents of a plastic container on a recent movie set, and when asked by the crew what he was inhaling, said: ‘Whiskey?'” 3. “Which longtime married A-list actor is having a secret affair with an former foreign beauty queen who now works at a top New York restaurant?” [Page Six]
  • “We have a story crisis. Now they want to make Battleship the game into a film! This is pure desperation, because now the ‘Sequel Business’ governs Hollywood, or how we call it: the franchise… Everyone in Hollywood knows how important it is that the film before it hit theaters, is already a brand. If a brand has been around, Harry Potter for example, or Spider-Man, you are light years ahead… And there lies the problem. Because unfortunately (these franchises are becoming more) ridiculous. Battleship. This degrades the cinema.” — James Cameron tells it like it is. [Contact Music]
  • “Natalie [Portman] is the Audrey Hepburn of our generation. She is elegant, graceful, has amazing eyebrows… is talented, really short, funny, smart, dedicated, incredibly kind. She’s a vegan, which makes it really frustrating when you’re picking a place to eat. She’s also recently announced that she’s going to be a mom, and her child will probably need therapy after seeing Black Swan.”” — Jake Gyllenhaal. [People]
  • “Sometimes you just have to open a bottle of wine, put on old Halloween costumes and dance it out with your besties.” — Lauren Conrad. [Pop Sugar]
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