Khloe Kardashian Left French Montana Because He Needs Her Too Much

A Kardashian has broken up with a guy while pretending their relationship was ever a real thing in the first place. LOL. But since the Kardashian in question is Khloe, the most sensible of the brood in my opinion, I’ll give her a pass. But let’s be real, French Montana was mainly a press-savvy rebound.

According to Us Weekly, Khloe’s excuse for breaking off their eight-month make-out fest was that she needed some space from French who is incredibly clingy.

“They are on a break,” one source tells Us. “The relationship got too heavy and Khloe needed to take a step back.”
Another insider says the Moroccan-born musician, 29, was too “needy” for the reality star, 30. “It grated on her that he became so dependent on her,” the pal tells Us.

Yeah, I’m sure French was like ‘Help me write these lyrics between lap dances at the strip club because I don’t want to be alone’ or ‘Come with me while I smoke weed with Rick Ross because I really need someone there to hold my hand.’


Earlier this year, gossip Wendy Williams said that French was canoodling with his estranged wife, who he is in the midst of divorcing, as well as rapper Trina, who was living in his New Jersey home … and in his spare time, he started dating Khloe. And then there was this:

At least Kim had to wait until last week to admit her whole second marriage was a sham and I assume that Kanye will find out that her third follows the same path in about two-five years? Can’t Khloe get some of the same romantic consideration? Kris Jenner, you could’ve ghost-written a better article, girl.

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