Kid Trips and Falls Through Pricy Painting, Makes Museum-Goers Paranoid Forever


You’ll never feel comfortable in a museum again after watching this video of some poor kid tripping into a million-dollar Baroque painting and putting a hole in the canvas, confirming your fears that only real show-stoppers like the Mona Lisa are totally protected and if you aren’t careful you could very well lurch into that ancient bust of Augustus and send it plummeting to the floor.

The Guardian reports that the 12-year-old was at Taipei’s Face of Leonardo: Images of a Genius exhibit, when he stumbled into the Paolo Porpora painting—350 years old, worth roughly $1.5 million. It was a pure accident. Could have happened to anybody. Could happen to you or me, on our next trip to a massive building full of expensive treasures.

The good news is, they are not gonna make the kid’s parents mortgage their entire lives to cover the damage:

The organisers will not ask the boy’s family to pay for the restoration costs, according to Focus Taiwan news. It said the exhibition organiser, Sun Chi-hsuan, said the boy was very nervous but should not be blamed and the painting, part of a private collection, was insured.
“The painting’s bottom right is damaged,” Sun later told reporters. “The boy’s hand made contact with the artwork and left a hole the size of a fist.”

Let this be a lesson that museums are not safe.

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