Kim Gordon Is Peaches' Vape-Hitting Wrestling Coach in 'Close Up'


In a world with dozens of boring movies about tortured male fighters and their inspirational coaches, two women have arrived with a (mildly NSFW) music video to save us all.

The latest release off of Peaches’ upcoming album Rub, “Close Up” (featuring Kim Gordon), comes with a Vice Cooler-directed video that poses Peaches as a glam (but not afraid to sweat) wrestler and Gordon as her bored, annoyed, and constantly vaping coach. She’s basically the Mickey to Peaches’ Rocky—but with more musical talent, better ring-side style, and a bigger “don’t give a fuck” attitude.

Of her wrestler/luchadores-inspired video, Peaches writes: “I’m fascinated by Lucha VaVOOM, the work they do, and by classic bro movies like Rocky; the relationships between coach and student and between men and their sports. For ‘Close Up,’ I wanted to combine the two, adding some little twists.”

In the ring, Peaches faces off against a variety of fighters (Laura James, Rita D’Albert, Joey Ryan, Dirty Sanchez, Cassandro, The Fallen Flower Kikyo, Sage Sin, Deven Macnair, Ariel Brickman, Mymy, Mary Jo, and NY Knockout Nikki), as well as various bodily functions (shit and lactation).

Does she win? Does she lose? WHO CARES. Thanks to Peaches, Kim Gordon, and Vice Cooler, we’re all winners because we now have this image to turn to when we need inspiration:

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