Kim Kardashian Maybe Was a Target in Hospital Snooping Scandal


When news broke Friday that five workers and a research assistant at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles had been fired for privacy breaches involving patient medical records between June 18 and June 24, it wasn’t yet clear whether Kim Kardashian (who gave birth on June 15 and checked out a week later) had been a snooping target. Thankfully, even though Cedars-Sinai officials refused to identify the patients whose confidential medical records were improperly accessed in the first place, TMZ’s own shadow sources have “confirmed” that Cedars-Sinai sure didly-did contact Kardashian to let her know that her records had been perused.

Could Kim Kardashian, the self-actualizing celebrity whose uterus had, until mid-June, been the fixation of celebrity gossip rags everywhere, have been spied on?? It’s possible, though the report from the Times doesn’t give us much gossip fodder to work with:

Reality television star Kim Kardashian gave birth to her daughter with rapper Kanye West at the hospital on June 15. A hospital spokeswoman declined to identify the patients whose records were accessed but said that all patients involved had been notified of the breach.
Representatives of Kardashian and West did not respond to requests for comment Friday.
Five of the workers accessed a single patient record; the other one looked at 14. The people involved will be permanently denied access to Cedars-Sinai records even if they go on to work for other health providers, the hospital said.

YAWN. That’s it? Klan Kardashian had no comment? Klan Kardashian always has a comment! That’s the family’s whole raison d’être — they force themselves into the spotlight and comment on just about every topic. It’s how they stay relevant. A “no comment” Kardashian family is like a Brad Pitt that covers his face with a burlap sack.

Well, TMZ sees your LA Times report about hospital privacy violations and raises you an unverifiable piece of evidence that Kim Kardashian was the primary snooping target:

TMZ has learned that Kim was contacted by the hospital to let her know she was one of the patients who had her records accessed.
Our sources say the family suspected that information was leaking from the hospital after various media reports surfaced with certain information about the birth of her daughter North that she hadn’t told anyone.

That…actually makes sense. Who other than a celebrity as well-known and pregnant as Kim Kardashian could persuade hospital employees to sift through confidential medical records and put their jobs at risk?

Six people fired from Cedars-Sinai over patient snooping [LA Times]

Image via AP, Alan Diaz

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