​Kim Kardashian on Her Paper Shoot: "I Used Muscles!"


During a recent interview, Kardashian went into more detail about the making of the Paper magazine shoot that allegedly had the Internet in need of repair and that ignited the historically significant 2014 Ass Wars.

For one, the right ass shot (and balancing a champagne glass) takes quite a bit of clenching effort. While appearing on the Australian talk show The Project (Kris Jenner is a booking maniac), Kim explained:

“My back hurt for about a week after that shoot. I used muscles! [Photographer Jean-Paule Goude] has an art of posing you and it was definitely not comfortable.”
“I was so honored and excited to work with [Goude] because he is a legend, and for me that was something I wanted to do to make myself feel confident. As a role model I’m not saying anyone else should do that, but for me it was an art project and it taught me to do what you want to do.”

Awesome art project.

Image via Paper

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