Kim Kardashian Totally Photoshopped Her Workout Selfies


Over the weekend, Kim Kardashian posted a couple of photos on Instagram in which she’s hanging out in her mom’s bathroom comparing butts and bellies with Blac Chyna. Perhaps she didn’t notice how warped the background became after she used her photo-manipulation app on her body—but plenty of other people did.

The easiest thing to notice in both pictures is the door on the left, which appears distorted. (We’ve drawn red and yellow straight lines to demonstrate how warped the straight lines in the image are.) In the butts picture, you can see where the door pushes in around Kim’s boobs, and then pushes out again around her waist. This can be achieved with any of the many third-party, self-retouching apps.

Instagram “Photoshop master” Peeje T. concurred in the professional opinion he gave to RadarOnline, adding:

I must say this is all purely speculative, [since] I actually heard Kanye [West] might have brought curved doors to Ikea over six years ago.

The distortion also reads on the geometric pattern on the floor, but not as noticeably to the naked eye. That black blob of clothes on the floor in the background is also a giveaway. In the bellies photo, the black blob has shifted directions, from being digitally dragged in along with Kim’s waist.

Probably referencing a workout, the caption for the picture read, “Getting right for the new year.”

It was definitely intended to show off her post-baby body, in an overtly braggy way. Like, “I’m so hot now that I can stand next to a famed stripper/model and hold my own.” Which is why her obvious Photoshop-chop job is so much more embarrassing. This woman is actually gorgeous and looks great, as evidenced in (seemingly endless) paparazzi candids, so it’s puzzling why she would diminish her own fitness achievements with some bullshit. However, Kim’s family has a known problem with manipulating reality, so maybe it’s her brain that’s warped.

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