Kim Richards Tells Dr. Phil Drunken Arrest Was 'My Fault' 


Nearly a week after Kim Richards, Queen Bleak of the Real Housewife kingdom, was arrested for battery and public intoxication, she sat down with Dr. Phil to apologize for her actions.

“I was angry and frightened and I was scared,” Richards says in the interview, which Page Six reports is set to air on April 28. “I knew what I had done. The whole night is my fault. None of this would have happened if I didn’t drink.”

Kim has spent this entire season of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills refusing to acknowledge or take responsibility for her obvious relapse and the scary-awful behavior that came with it. Clearly, she’s come around to the concept of remorse, and hopefully she’ll receive some actual, non-Dr. Phil help; the question is, will that be enough to re-engage Bravo viewers, whose threshold for too-sad, too-real storylines is below sea-level?

It seems like every Real Housewives franchise casts at least one or two ladies who, over time, end up veering towards genuine states of mental distress: your Taylors, your Kellys, possibly even your Sonjas. Eventually, they all leave (although not necessarily of their own accord)—it’s likely that in the cutthroat world of reality television programming, Kim’s demons will see her off the show, just as they saw her on.

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