Kimberly Stewart Wears Native American Headdress on New Reality Show


Tonight marks the premiere of Stewarts & Hamiltons, an obvious Keeping Up With the Kardashians copycat that features the lives of Alana Stewart, ex-husband George Hamilton and their kids, including Kimberly Stewart, Alana’s daughter with other ex-husband Rod Stewart. It’s like a super-complicated and horrifyingly-tanned Brady Bunch!

In the first episode, Kimberly Stewart does some sort of photo shoot where she’s naked except for a Native American headdress, according to ONTD. How controversial and totally not calculated of her! Lest you forget, Kimberly once had a baby with Benicio Del Toro. That’s something I still think about. Sean Stewart, Kim’s brother, is also reportedly planning on “opening a bunch of bars and restaurants called Hot Legs based around women with great legs.”

Watch out Kardashians, you’ve got some new competition.

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