Kris Humphries 'Devastated' About Divorce, Wants To Reconcile With Kim

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Apparently Kris Humphries is the only person who thought his made-for-E! romance with Kim Kardashian would last forever. Kris and Kim had discussed divorce, but he didn’t know she was actually filing papers until this morning. Now he’s telling his friends that he doesn’t believe in divorce for religious reasons. His emotional status has been downgraded to “bummed,” as that is the only way jocks can express sadness. [TMZ]
Kris told TMZ, “I’m committed to this marriage and everything this covenant represents … I love my wife and am devastated to learn she filed for divorce … I’m willing to do whatever it takes to make it work.” [TMZ]
Kim released this statement via E!: “After careful consideration, I have decided to end my marriage. I hope everyone understands this was not an easy decision. I had hoped this marriage was forever, but sometimes things don’t work out as planned. We remain friends and wish each other the best.” If she really gave this “careful consideration” she must have started thinking about divorce before the wedding. [E!]
A vigil was held outside the Dash store today to mourn the end of Kris and Kim‘s union. Those gathered lit candles and urged them to “remember the happy episodes.” [Craigslist, Buzzfeed]
The final picture of Kris and Kim together will bring a tear to you eye, but only because she’s wearing a tauntaun fur vest with thigh-high Uggs. [Radar]
E! executives are considering whether they should pull the Kim Kardashian wedding special, which has been replayed almost daily since it aired on October 9. Why start acting like you have souls now? [NYT]
We do feel bad for the folks at David’s Bridal. The store’s cheap knockoffs of Kim‘s wedding gowns haven’t even hit stores yet. [WSJ]
Kim has replaced Britney Spears as symbol of reckless hetero marriage, so be sure to update all of your pro-gay marriage rants. [The Wrap]

Rihanna has been hospitalized in Sweden after coming down with the flu. She canceled a concern in Malmö, Sweden and Tweeted along with a photo of the IV in her arm, “I am sorry to everyone who was coming out to my show in Malmo [Sweden]. I was so excited to perform for you all … It would have been a great time…so much better than being sick with the flu, ugh! I’m really disappointed I couldn’t be there.” [TMZ]

Now that Jessica Simpson has confirmed her pregnancy, it’s time to start speculating about the contents of Maggie Gyllenhaal‘s uterus. [Radar]

  • Queen Latifah is throwing her hat into the competition to be the next Oprah Winfrey. [N.Y. Mag]
  • For Halloween Snooki dressed up as Broadway Actress Mauled By Fellow Cats Castmember. Sorry, Sexy Broadway Actress Mauled By Fellow Cats Castmember. [Us]
  • According to Jennifer Love Hewitt and her current beau, sunglasses and baby dolls are all it takes to be Brad and Angelina. [E!]
  • Amanda Knox went to a Halloween party as a (falsely accused) cat burglar. [TMZ]
  • Kelly Ripa and Nick Lachey unintentionally won the contest for Most Topical Halloween Costume. They dressed up as Kim and Kris on Live With Regis and Kelly. [PopSugar]
  • Katherine Heigl‘s adoarable daughter Naleigh made her princess ensemble stand out by painting a butterfly over her eye. [Us]
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