Kris Jenner Has Finally Become Friends With Everyone In Los Angeles

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Kris Jenner and boyfriend Corey Gamble went on a double date with Tish and Billy Ray Cyrus last night because Kris Jenner is friends with everyone in Los Angeles, including any Los Angelenos currently reading this, so don’t be surprised when Kris Jenner bangs on your door this evening wondering why you haven’t left the house and gotten in her car because she’s been honking for literally half an hour and your going to be late for dinner and Penny Marshall is going to be so pissed that you kept her waiting.

[E! Online]

Now that Chris Martin is officially divorced, single women around the world are sure to come out of the woodwork to be with him: the frontman of Coldplay, a.k.a. the most eligible bachelor alive. One woman who has just crawled out of the aforementioned woodwork is Gillian Anderson. Apparently she recently asked ex-Mr. Goop out on a date.

“A ‘source’..said 46-year-old Gillian and 38-year-old Chris Martin are an ‘unlikely combination’ but have ‘definite chemistry.’”

I’m not exactly sure what chemistry they have, but it’s probably the kind resulting in a large bubble of gas that slowly deflates with a loud “pffffffffffffffffft” noise.


Bethenny Frankel was interviewed by Us Weekly and said the following things:

  1. “I’m actively going on dates, but I’m not sexually active.”
  2. “I would make out with Drake.”
  3. “I think I need to date someone who’s African-American. I just think I need to broaden my resume.”

If any of you see Bethenny Frankel, please direct her to the exit.

[Us Weekly]

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  • Grandpa Charles might not make it to Royal BB 2.0’s birth. I guess something suddenly came up. [People]
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  • Meryl Streep was on the red carpet with a Gummer who isn’t Don. [Just Jared]

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