Kristen Stewart Is Painfully Awkward With Oprah


Today, the Twilight saga kids—Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, and Taylor Lautner—were on Oprah, where the boys ate up the adoration of the screaming female audience, while Stewart stammered, fidgeted, and generally seemed to hate her own existence.

Actually, it’s difficult to tell here if she hates her celebrity, Pattinson, Oprah, or life, but it’s probably a combination of all things. When it came to O’s inevitable question about whether Pattinson and Stewart are/were dating, she couldn’t even joke about it, as Pattinson tried to do.

And believe it or not, there was actually one girl in the audience who wasn’t rabid over Lautner or Pattinson, but is, instead, Kristen Stewart’s biggest fan. Stewart gave her a ring that Bella wears in the movie, but inadvertently diminished the gesture when she said, “We have more.”

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