Kristen Wiig Had a Very Creepy First Date on Kimmel Last Night


Kristen Wiig has a very busy schedule these days so it’s understandable that she might occasionally double book. In the best scenarios, she gets lucky and is able to seamlessly combine her two plans to avoid canceling anybody. Last night was not one of those seamless times.

Having booked a first date with a guy she met online for the exact same time she was supposed to have an interview with Jimmy Kimmel, Wiig did her best to accommodate everyone by inviting her date onto the show. Things were going well and chemistry was aplenty until — unfortunately — Wiig discovered that the internet stranger might also be a murderer and had to call it off.

Oh, well. Sometimes it lasts in love, but sometimes it hurts instead. Silver lining: I’m a fan of any bit that ends with a photo of a butthole.

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