Kristin Cavallari Would Like You and Everyone Else to Reconsider the Institution of Marriage

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Kristin Cavallari Would Like You and Everyone Else to Reconsider the Institution of Marriage
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Once upon a time, Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler were in love, and like many people in love, they sealed that love with a document declaring them legally tax-connected. Sadly, that love and tax union is now dead, and Cavallari thinks marriage is for suckers. SUCKERS.

TMZ published a video on Tuesday of a meet-and-greet Cavallari did at her Uncommon James shop in Chicago. In the clip, a woman asks Cavallari to give her some advice for newly weds, having recently gotten engaged.

Cavallari did not hold back:

Kristin quickly blurted out a very telling answer … “Don’t do it.”

Divorce is wildly unpleasant, from what I understand, so it makes sense that someone in the throes of it would discourage someone else from making a similar mistake. But there’s a catch to this story: the video is from February, before Cavallari and Cutler announced their split.

Also, Cutler was, uh, there. Awkward!

Everyone had a laugh about it — including Jay who seems very uncomfortable sitting right next to Kristin — but it sure seems like she was being honest, based on what we now know.

Clearly, things weren’t all that peachy in the Cavallari-Cutler household at the time—TMZ says they were headed for a divorce long before then, in fact, and by March their marriage had reached its “loving conclusion,” though according to TMZ, the conclusion isn’t all that loving.

As we reported … Kristin accused Jay of “marital misconduct,” which we found out pertained to them not agreeing on child custody. They’re also at odds about a living situation right now, as Kristin wants money freed up to buy a new place of her own.

Well, Cavallari has a point about marriage sucking then, doesn’t she. [TMZ]

Bruce Willis has been social distancing in Idaho with Demi Moore, for some reason, even though he has a wife (Emma Heming) and several young children still in Los Angeles. Allegedly, the separation was because one of his children tried to poke her foot with a needle, which OK.

Anyway, E! Online says the crisis (not the pandemic, but the Bruce/Demi one) is over, and the Willis/Hemings have reunited:

While many are continuing to social distance amid the coronavirus pandemic, there was no more distance between Bruce Willis and his wife of over a decade, Emma Heming, after reuniting seemingly this week. Over on Heming’s Instagram, the model and mom shared videos and photos of her with her famous husband and their two daughters together, including Heming and Willis taking a ride on an ATV and the star pushing his daughter on a swing. Judging by the posts, the family appeared to be somewhere rural as they were surrounded by trees and at one point near what looked like a creek.

Delightful. [E! Online]

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