Kylie Jenner Bought Her 2-Year-Old Daughter a $200K Pony

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Kylie Jenner Bought Her 2-Year-Old Daughter a $200K Pony

The last thing any of us need right now is to think about the inventive ways the rich are spending their fortunes, but here it is any way: Kylie Jenner bought her two-year-old daughter, Stormi, a $200,000 pony. This, friends, is capitalism.

According to the Daily Mail, the pony’s name is Frozen, and sources say it probably cost up to $10,000 to ship him from his birthplace in the Netherlands, on top of the original $200,00 price tag.

Frozen is currently being quarantined for 14 days before Stormi may…what, ride it? A two-year-old can’t ride a horse, right? Pet it once before forgetting about it and banishing it to the glue factory? I don’t know what rich people do! [The Daily Mail]

The inside of Gigi Hadid’s New York apartment looks like a (now-defunct) Pier 1 Imports catalogue. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing—I too once considered New Yorker covers the height of chic decor! Then again, I also had a Sublime poster.

What is bad is that this place has apparently been sitting empty for months on end while Hadid quarantines elsewhere, which is a criminal waste. Cool giant pen, though! [Instagram]

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