Ladies Be Acting: 4 Out of 5 Nominees for BAFTA's Rising Star Award Are Women


The British Academy of Film and Television Arts has announced their Rising Star nominees for 2013, and all but one of the nominees is a lady. I need a gif of Hilary from Fresh Prince doing the Running Man or something. Does that exist? My brain says “no way!” but my heart says “yes, please!”

Elizabeth Olsen (Martha Marcy May Marlene), Andrea Riseborough (Shadow Dancer), Juno Temple (The Dark Knight Rises) and Alicia Vikander (Anna Karenina) are joined by token male Life of Pi star Suraj Sharma.

The award, which honors actors based on their talent regardless of their age, gender, or nationality, has been won in the past by Kristen Stewart, Tom Hardy and James McAvoy. I’m not sure if that renders it kinda useless or just a popularity contest, but I’m still pleased as punch about the quantity and quality of the nominated dames.

But wait! There’s more! We can all vote for our favorite and potentially sway the outcome if we all agree on the same person. Who should it be? The woman who is lucky enough to be related to Mary-Kate, or the woman who got to play Kitty to Domhnall Gleeson’s Levin and who’s currently breaking my heart in that green dress? Decisions, decisions.

[Via Harper’s Bazaar]

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