Ladies Rule Social Media


Guess what ladies? We’ve taken over the social web. The average American spends thirty-seven minutes each day on social media, and over half of those people have vaginas. We also share more news bits than men. We’re number one!

Turns out adult women are increasingly getting their news and information through image-friendly social media platforms, like Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest. Truthfully, we dominate Pinterest with 33 percent of America’s women pinning Jason Momoa pics and avocado recipes, compared to just eight percent of men. (Don’t they like avocado?) However, when it comes to formal networking, we’re not so into that kind of website: 24% of all adult men use LinkedIn, but only 19% of all women do the same.

Mostly us ladies check our social feeds with our phones, according to Finances Online, where we follow brands we like (or if you’re like me, to yell at them when their product breaks). Customer service always replies so much faster on Twitter, especially if the culprit is an airline, bank or a cable company. Unlike men, “more than half of women” also like to follow brands to stay abreast of company sales or offers and comment on brand accounts when the mood strikes us.

What does this mean? Probably more “sponsored tweets” and creative social media advertising campaigns aimed at us, which could be great, or really annoying. Only time, and the next big advertising event like Memorial Day weekend, will tell.

Cornelia Viljoen/Shutterstock

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