Ladies, Why Aren't You Shopping?!!?


Seems the “weak retail outlook” is all women’s fault — because we’re “pessimistic.”

A report from Commonweath Bank finds, according to Smart Company, that women “are far more pessimistic about the economic outlook, with just 21% of women surveyed prepared to say the economy was “strong” (compared to 38% of men) and 24% of women claiming the economy was “going downhill” (compared with 21% of men).” And since women account for most household spending — not to mention our flibberdigibbit shopaholic ways — this downer attitude (which sounds fairly practical) has had a major impact on retail. Says one analyst, “It appears the [Global Financial Crisis] made women much more careful about spending, while men saw it as an opportunity to get some great bargains.”

Gender-Based Spending Hurting Retailers
[Smart Company]

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