Lady Bunny Wants Corporations To Leave Pride Alone

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Lady Bunny Wants Corporations To Leave Pride Alone
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Speaking to Page Six at an Alice + Olivia Pride party, Lady Bunny spoke up on the corporations that have strong-armed their way into the parade:

“A lot of the floats now are Sprint and Red Bull, or corporations with straight bodybuilders playing music that they think gay people will like. It seems more of a marketing thing than a march. They televise the parade and the broadcast mainly includes the big corporate floats, not “civic-minded groups.” There has always been a dialogue of: Is this parade a march for our rights, or is it a parade with balloons and confetti? Some feel it’s gone too far in the direction of confetti. Maybe because of political developments, they feel it’s time to renew our commitment to the struggle.”

The irony of these comments being shared at a branded fashion event featuring Sofia Richie and Nicky Hilton Rothschild is not lost on this gossip. Regardless, I’m glad that more people are speaking up against corporate pink-washing. (Yes, even those who’ll be participating in a sponsored float come parade-time like Lady Bunny.) But as more young people reject capitalism and seek socialist alternatives, I hope that our collective push left changes the way emerging celebrities interface with brand partnerships. Come the revolution against the corporate overlords overwhelming our planet, it’d be tricky to accept handouts from Mastercard for “queer themed activations.”

[Page Six]

Gossip columnists resort to an almost feral state during the Famous’s summer-long escape behind the Cannes yacht paywall. Because of this, you’ll find headlines like this: Hilary Duff’s Daughter Banks, 7 Months, Goes for a Dip in Dog’s Water Bowl: She ‘Loves Germs’. Spoiler: the story is much tamer than this headline would have you believe. Maybe it conjured horrifying images of a newborn child drowning in the immense bowl of their rescue dog, Lucy.

It could have also activated a defensiveness in many who see it as “parental recklessness.” Or, if you were me, an eye-roll so severe the migraine it induced will last for weeks. Thankfully, I’m here to reveal that we’ve been manipulated. Shocking! What actually transpired are a few, disparate Instagram stories featuring an utterly cute baby crawling around and touching things. I’m glad we could share our true selves in this moment together!


Lindsay Lohan has responded to Page Six’s claims that Lindsay Lohan’s Beach House has been cancelled by MTV. While she deleted the original posts, something called managed to screenshot the originals. The captions, which I will editorialize as one continuous thought, read:

I prefer my real life to be working with children and being with my family. The club is moving to other locations in the world, but not just the club, as I’ve stated on @wendy show, so chill out page six. If you want a true story, @pagesix, travel to #istanbul and write something real for once. It’s sad you don’t report the rest of the world. Children need attention which I work with and none of you writers try and help. Families that loose limbs in Syria and you write crap stories about celebs. Start writing the damn truth. I pray for you from today and on. I helped this amazing children while you were writing about lies and nonsense. Write about this. Not lies.

(As Page Six notes, the details of her charity work are unclear.)


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